A Shrine to my BFF Siren - MegaBubble and ErenSHADEZ Hideaway! B-)

Hi bb ily <3333 like BFFs I guess forever I hope :O

---->----@ -- a flower for mah bb sireneenrnernen <3 <3 B-)

TBH she's da best B-) :O

neocities pls

Reasons I heart siren

Haiku 4 U:

You are mah lubbly -
I love being your bubbly!
Best BB ebba <3

Siren is da best!
I want to be good to you
'Cause you are mah b00 ;3

YouTube Races All Including My FAVORITE BB Siren!

August 2016

1) My First Race to 99999! Super Bell Subway (8/26/2016)
2) A Dark and Mysterious Siren on Grumble Volcano! (8/25/2016)
3) Toadette Helps Blind Siren to the Finish Line! Wario's Gold Mine (8/25/2016)
4) My SirEREN is Beautiful on (SNES) Rainbow Road (8/24/2016)
5) Same Race As Above w/ Siren, but w/ Emphasis on Toadette (8/24/2016)
6) BFF SirEREN is Nice on (GCN) Yoshi Circuit (8/19/2016)
7) Siren Being an Awesome Wacky BFF in Wild Woods! (8/19/2016)
8) Fun w/ Mah Boo on Baby Park! B-) (8/18/2016)
9) Having a Blast w/ Eren on Donut! - thx 4 the win bb (8/18/2016)
10) Hyrule Circuit w/ BFFs Eren and Vance! B-) (8/18/2016)
11) Link Siren Messes Around w/ Toadette on SNES Rainbow Road (8/16/2016)
12) With ErenSHADEZ and SirErenPLZ on Big Blue! (8/14/2016)
13) ErenSHADEZ Being a Total Sweetie b00 on Bone-Dry Dunes!! (8/14/2016)
14) Fun w/ Siren Being a Beaver on Rainbow Road (8/14/2016)
15) Sweetie Siren Lets MegaBubble Mii Win in Yoshi Valley! (8/13/2016)
16) Siren Helps Out on Sherbet Land! B-) (8/12/2016)
17) Epic SHADEZ Victory (thanks erenSHADEZ!!) on Super Bell Subway (8/12/2016)
18) ErenSHADEZ Takes Baby Park!!! (8/12/2016)
19) ErenSHADEZ (as Toadette) Helps Out Toadette on Hyrule Circuit!! (8/9/2016)
20) Yoshi Circuit w/ Vance and SirEREN (mah IRL fake BB!!) (8/9/2016)
21) Wintertime Animal Crossing w/ ErenSHADEZ, Nina and PapaSHADEZ and iri! (8/9/2016)
22) Wild Woods w/ Eren, Grant, M(Jap-doll) and Maelia! (8/9/2016)
23) SHADEZ Crew All-In on Hyrule Circuit!! B-) 8-) (8/8/2016)
24) So Much Fun w/ my Favorite BFF ErenSHADEZ on Donut Plains!! (8/8/2016)
25) Super Bell Subway w/ ErenSHADEZ and Elmo Magic Trick! :O (8/8/2016)
26) Fun w/ BFF erenSHADEZ on DS Wario Stadium (8/4/2016)

July 2016

27) Mute City w/ My Favorite Boopedy Boo ErenSHADEZ! (7/23/2016)
28) So Much Booping on Mute City w/ mah BB ErenSHADEZ! B-) (7/21/2016)
29) My Super Sweet BB ErenSHADEZ Lets me Win Super Bell Subway (7/21/2016)
30) Sunshine Airport w/ Ana, LadyL, Shymon and mah COOL bb ErenSHADEZ B-) (7/17/2016)
31) Always Love Playing w/ my BFF SIRErenPLZ! (Rainbow Road w/ Jules, M etc.) (7/13/2016)

Before July 2016!

32) Super Fun with sireren on Super Bell Subway! :D (5/29/2016)
33) With 2 of my BFFs irina and sireren on GBA Cheese Land!! (5/15/2016)
34) N64 Toad's Turnpike featuring Ana and sireren!!! B-) (5/4/2016)
35) Ice Ice Outpost w/ my awesome pal sir eren (IB Siren B-) (5/4/2016)

Other Videos w/ siren :3

Splatoon 2 Gameplay w/ Siren (2/4/2019)

There is officially no point to my doing this page, but I think you're COOL SIREEEN B-)

Ok I am putting this here to remind myself to make another page on here with quotes LOL

"What you don't like....MOVEMENT????" ---DMS, 2003